United States History

Description: This course will trace the social, economic, political, cultural, and intellectual development of American society from its roots through recent times.   Students will be mastering historical content and  learning to question, think, and argue like historians.  Students will engage in a variety of learning methods. My choices for assignments are well-considered and my classes are very lively.  I do everything I can to overcome the limitations of the ‘virtual divide.’ This course will be run on the learning platform called Canvas.  Canvas is a user-friendly, powerful platform where parents can be linked to their students and access student material, see grades, and contact the instructor at any time.

US History: Live Course Meetings: Tuesdays, 10:30-11:45 Eastern Standard Time

Course Length: 32 weeks

Recommended for: 9-12 grade (Parents of interested 8th graders should contact me before registering.)

Cost: $649.  Enroll through Aim Academy.

Test Readiness: The course is aligned with skills and content covered in a pre-AP US History Course, the SAT US History Subject Test, and the CLEP US History Exams.   Students do not, however, to be preparing for a standardized test to take this class.

Prerequisites: None.  Application not necessary for high school students.

Required Texts: This course partners with Study.com, a company that employs qualified instructors to create video and text-based learning. In addition, students will be reading historical documents and watching documentary clips.  All required material are uploaded into the course.

Note: Some families might wish to have their student read a traditional textbook in addition to the required Study.com material in the course, for more challenge or future standardized test-taking preparation.    If that is the case, I will recommend an excellent one and upload review tests (not used for grading purposes) for the student to work through.  Contact me about this.

Live Sessions: Weekly class meetings will be conducted on Tuesdays, 10:30-11:45 EST almost every week the course is in session for discussion and instruction.  When we do not have a live class scheduled, students will be watching a teacher-created presentation or directed to do some other related activity.  All live sessions will be recorded and available for students to play back at their convenience.   Although attendance in the live sessions is not necessary, it is highly recommended.  Not only do the students gain a lot from them, but we also have a lot of fun.

Time Commitment: Students will spend 5-8 hours per week on this class. This includes time for reading or viewing  the required course material, completing weekly homework,  participating in weekly class sessions (via live session or archived recording), and working on on-going projects.