AP US History

This course is available for individual homeschooled students or for schools looking to provide a quality, highly-interactive advanced placement course for their qualified students.   Those enroll in this course  and successfully complete it will receive College-Board authorized AP credit on their high school transcripts.   I am authorized to provide official AP courses through two different organizations, Aim Academy and PA Homeschoolers.  (The course I offer for both institutions is identical.)

Tuition:  $749; from July 1 onwards: $799

Students, whether homeschooled or enrolled in a high school,  need to complete an application to be considered for acceptance first.  You can download an  application  for the course, or contact me by filling out a form through the Contact tab above.

Tech Needs: Full internet access.  High speed would be very helpful, because part of this course will involve viewing and listening to streaming flash-based presentations (and those don’t work well with lower speed access).

Who should apply: High school students who understand that much will be required of them.  While I will guide students into mastery of content, I do so in the context of training students to read actively, think critically, and write engagingly about the material they are encountering.  Therefore, both a scholarly attitude and a scholarly set of skills will be necessary for any student to thrive in this course.  In addition, my class will be highly interactive.  There will be a variety of ways students will approach the material, from participating in historical debates, critiquing actual AP essays, and reviewing each other’s work.    In my experience, I have discovered that the course is best suited to sophomores and above.  The new course and new exam are even more challenging to younger students because of the added emphasis on high-level thinking skills.  Please be realistic about your child’s capacities if you are considering AP-level courses.  Your child might have earned A’s in all sorts of other courses and be an intelligent, hard worker.  However, that does not necessarily translate to success in this course.

Class Description:

This course will cover the development of American history from its pre-colonial roots through recent developments.   It will prepare students to take the AP US History exam in May, 2022.    However, my goals for this course are more comprehensive than getting students ready to take the exam next May.  I also hope to inspire and increase students’  love and appreciation for history, expand students’ capacity to think creatively and flexibly about critical issues, and communicate powerfully and compellingly.

The course will primarily be conducted on a learning management system (LMS) called Canvas.   Canvas is very easy for a new user to learn.  I guide students to use the system right from the beginning, so they don’t have to worry about learning technology while they’re orienting themselves to the course.    One of the advantages of Canvas is that I can  link parents to their own students’ submissions, feedback, and grades so that they can have immediate access to all sorts of important information.   Through Canvas, students will access all of their requirements, view my audio-visual presentations, upload assignments, take their Unit multiple-choice exams (with instant feedback), take essay exams, engage in threaded discussions, view my feedback, etc.

Students will read primary and secondary source material, watch videos, listen to audio, and participate in discussions.   They will have access to my college-level audio-visual presentations, which include both improving thinking, reading, and writing skills and covering the content of American history from origins into the 20th century.  They will learn to approach the various components of the AP exam.     They will submit a variety of assignments and receive prompt feedback.

Please see former student and parent recommendations about this course.